How to enjoy the process (so that you don’t quit)

Sam M
7 min readJul 22, 2023

An article that focuses on how you can enjoy the process of achieving your biggest goals — largely inspired by Ross Harkness’ Self Mastery Letter.

An illustration from Ross Harknesses Self Mastery Letter.

The issue with fast-tracking your goals

Everyone has goals, but some people try and fast track them — they use shortcuts or hacks to achieve them quicker.

The issue with this is that it is impossible to fast track true success and achievement. True success requires you to love the process.

Everyone wants to achieve.

Everyone has goals, dreams and ambitions.

Everyone has the big thing that they’re striving for — it may be to win a monumental trophy, or to build a loving family. Everyone has something that they desire to achieve in life.

Everyone has their goals, and everyone wants to achieve them faster.

Nobody is content with waiting for the results to show, being calm and patient, delaying their gratification. Everyone wants the results now, and this leads to taking shortcuts, using hacks and cutting corners.

People take short cuts to try and fast track their goals, hoping that it will grant them the results that they desire sooner. People are not prepared to give up the time, energy or investment that true longterm success requires.

Most people have an outcome-based mindset.

Many people have an outcome based mindset; they spend their time focusing on what the end goal looks like, rather than the current or daily processes. A lot of their energy is directed towards the future, and most of their efforts are with the sole purpose of getting results.

Take weightlifting, for example. Many people start going to the gym so that they can build a physically attractive body; they want strong muscles, a V taper etc. The entire reason they work on their body is for the future outcome. People who view weightlifting in this way often become;

  • Demotivated
  • Frustrated
  • Impatient




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